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Work Progressing on Large Development in Walkersville

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The Town of Walkersville will see over one-hundred new single-family homes when the “Bell Property” is fully developed. The Bell Property is located next to Walkersville Elementary School and lies between Woodsboro Pike and Fountain Rock Road.

While the property has seen a lot of activity over the past three years, much was out of sight from the Woodsboro Pike. Over the past few months, a lot of changes have been visible from the busy intersection of Woodsboro Pike and the Walkersville School Campus. That prompted a spike in readers inquiring on about the project, which we reported on in 2014 both as a proposed development and when approved by the Town of Walkersville.

The Bell Property is being developed by the Pleasants Construction company. When asked about progress of the development, Pleasants Construction confirmed that the development is nearing the next stage of construction. “We anticipate that the model will be under construction late spring and be open for sales this summer,” Daniel Snyder stated. The homes will be built by Ryan Homes.

The development’s main entrance shares the school’s driveway at Woodsboro Pike and Antietam Drive. A second entrance to the development allows access from Fountain Rock Road.

There will be over one-hundred homes built along four streets on the property. A forest conservation area will buffer the neighborhood from Walkersville Elementary School’s property. Some homes will back up to the Walkersville Southern Railroad Line. Others will back up to Fountain Rock Road and the farm at the corner of Fountain Rock and Woodsboro Pike. An area of open space and community gardens will be located along Woodsboro Pike.

The first page of the approved preliminary site plan can be downloaded here.

A full copy of the approved preliminary site plan can be downloaded here.

The Bell Property is the largest of four developments approved over the past four years in the Town of Walkersville. In total, more than 170 homes will be added to the Town. Mill Run is located on West Pennsylvania Avenue, and is nearing completion. Parkside is located along Biggs Ford Road (just past Mill Run and the Walkersville Bowling Alley). Parkside is in the early stages of development, but is selling homes from the model home in Mill Run. The most recently approved development has been approved in different iterations over the past four years. The latest consists of a twenty-unit town house development called Longley Green along Glade Road across from Winter Brook. Longley Green is being developed by the same company as Parkside.

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3 Thoughts to “Work Progressing on Large Development in Walkersville”

  1. Farmageddon18

    I heard the next farm over, with the yellow house, is going to be another 250 houses!!

    1. mkuster

      That farm is not zoned for residential use. The owner tried to sell the property as a development, but failed to secure a buyer. The property is zoned agricultural. The owner would have to request a change in zoning during the Town of Walkersville’s next comprehensive plan update (which was last done in 2012).

  2. iammomx4

    What about schools for the children that will live in all these homes? Walkersville schools are already overfilled. The middle and high schools are so old that they are falling apart. We are not on FCPS radar for any repairs/upgrades/updates. Why are schools an afterthought, especially when the potential volume of students is so high?

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