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Glade Valley’s Local Telephone Company
We offer local 301-845 telephone numbers and local support.

Hosted PBX and VoIP

You want reliable, high-quality phone systems that simply work. With DAS VOIP, transforming your phone system is simple whether it’s for your home or your business, and whether you have one employee or 500.

Dissolve costs of traditional phone closets
Full PBX capabilities utilizing easy interface
Low monthly phone bills (including VoIP services)
Future-proof your phone systems

Unified Communications
Unified Communications (UC) is the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies that help drastically improve your communication processes and business productivity. Our software and services enable you to access your account and seamlessly incorporate our high-value cloud communication services.
Our service works through:

a phone on the wall or your desk,
a modern web browser on your desktop or laptop,
an app on your iPad, or
an app on your Android or iPhone.

You can make and receive calls from anywhere with an Internet connection. Callers will not know you are not calling from the office or your home. When callers ring your DAS VOIP number, you can answer it anywhere.

When you get a voicemail message, you can hear it or read it right in our app!


Business Website Address: DAS VOIP
Business Phone Number: 301-845-3455
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Walkersville Southern Railroad
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Walkersville Southern is Founded

From 1991 through 1993, Walkersville Southern volunteers cleared the right-of-way of brush and debris. In 1993, the Maryland Department of Transportation chose Walkersville Southern as the operator of the Walkersville-Frederick line. Rebuilding began immediately.

In 1995, Walkersville Southern began reconstruction of the Monocacy River bridge. Limited excursions were run in 1995 while the work progressed. With the completion of the project in March 1996, the first trains in more than 20 years crossed the Monocacy River. The 1997 season marked the first year of both Saturday and Sunday operations, with three trains departing the Walkersville station each day. The 1998 season marked the first time in more than 25 years that trains had run to Route 26, the current terminus of the line.

In 2009, the State of Maryland granted access to three more miles of track north of the existing station. Work began immediately to upgrade the track, and we currently run limited operations north out of Walkersville on this rail.

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Business Phone Number: 301-898-0899
Business Street Address: 34 W Pennsylvania Avenue
Business City: Walkersville
Business State: MD
Business Zip Code: 21793