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WHS Academic Team Wins Close, Exciting Match Against Middletown and Oakdale

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

February 9th, Walkersville Middletown and Oakdale competed in their sixth academic match of the season in an intense game.

The match begins with a competitive round where teams answer questions to gain a point, incorrect responses result in the deduction of a point.

Walkersville and Middletown dominate the round, buzzing in with similar aggression. The two teams end up tieing for the first round, leaving Oakdale with 0 points due to an incorrect response.

The scores were: Walkersville 3, Middletown 3, Oakdale 0.

The second round was an individual school round where teams would answer six questions out of a packet selected by another team.

Oakdale went first and answered five of their six questions correctly, giving them much needed points. Walkersville goes next and answers all six of their questions correctly giving them a good lead over Oakdale. Middletown goes last and again ties with Walkersville.

The scores were: Walkersville 9, Middletown 9, Oakdale 5.

The third round was the mixed math question rounds where teams would answer a combination of five math related questions and five questions about various topics.

Walkersville and Middletown again go at each other, staying within one point of the other for the entire round. Walkersville ends up on top however, taking the round. Oakdale makes no gains this round.

The scores were: Walkersville 11, Middletown 10, Oakdale 5.

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The fourth round was the specially themed Retro Video Game round. Teams answered from a pool of ten video game related questions.

Walkersville is able to pull ahead early in a round by answering three questions in a row. Oakdale becomes much more active in this round, taking away Middletown and Walkersville’s opportunities to get ahead, leaving them within two points of each other. Oakdale, despite their increased aggression only gains one point from the round.

The scores were: Walkersville 13, Middletown 11, Oakdale 6.

Finally came the fifth round, a competitive round where teams would have to answer two questions on varying topics.

This round is characterized by that same neck and neck race Walkersville and Middletown have been having since the start of the game. Both teams answer one after the other, trying to get ahead and bury the other team in a lead. Middletown succeeds in getting ahead during the back end of the round, but three correct responses in a row from Walkersville puts them in the lead, and a few more correct responses wins them the match. Oakdale again steals precious opportunities from the two front running teams, no doubt influencing how close this match was.

The final scores were: Walkersville 19, Middletown 16, Oakdale 7.

“I feel like they had a quality win.” said Walkersville alumni and former team member Alec Parker. “[They] played strongly, patient, didn’t buzz in on bad questions. Evan Pinetti had a strong fifth round.” Parker continued.

Parker was in Pinetti’s corner so to speak for most of his off time during the game. Pinetti stated that Parker was “Always there for us, great to have” and “actively participating in the game.” That is, as much as a fan can participate in a game. He also said that Alec’s moral support definitely contributed to Walkersville’s performance during the game.

The match was a “super team effort” said coach John Van Bloem. “Second week in a row we won the math round, round four we won by one point.” Van Bloem was just overall proud of Walkersville’s performance during the match.

Next week Walkersville goes against Frederick and Linganore, two tough teams who have done well during this year’s tournament. Hopefully it’ll be a very interesting an intense match!

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