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Planning Commission Approves Townhouse Development Site Plans

The Town of Walkersville’s Planning Commission approved site improvement plans for a development of twenty town houses along Glade Road on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The development has already been approved in many iterations including apartments and condominium buildings. The property plans now call for a single road connecting to Glade Road at two points. Twenty townhouses will be constructed along the street, Longley Green Drive. Nine of the homes will back-up to Glade Road and eleven will back-up to the farmland owned by the Staley Family, who also own the proposed development.

Planning Commission members required some changes to the site plan presented. Members requested that trees be moved to the outside of a fence line along Glade Road to avoid a white fence line along the street, and that the fences be moved closer to the homes to allow residents access to the rear of their properties without crossing property lines. They also changed the fence line to include gates to each property.

The HOA for the development will be required to maintain the area outside of the fence, as well as other common areas.

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The Planning Commission also nixed a stub road that had previously been requested to allow law enforcement to see behind the back row of homes; the proposed road did not go as far as desired and other concerns about its use otherwise prompted their change.

The project will proceed. The Verdant Companies which is also developing Parkside along Biggs Ford Road will develop the property for the Staley family.

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