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Walkersville Planning Commission Holding Public Hearing on Rock Creek School

The Planning Commission will focus its meeting on the Revised Site Plan for Rock Creek School. the Frederick County Board of Education proposes building the new school on the Walkersville Middle School Campus on West Frederick Street.

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Walkersville and Oakdale Students Discover Asteroids

Two students in this year’s Frederick County Public Schools’ Asteroid Hunters program discovered asteroids never before catalogued and earned rights to name them! The only other schools in the U.S. with students achieving this honor are in Hawaii and Texas. The FCPS students are 11th grader Susanna Chen from Walkersville High and 10th grader Kaitlyn Murray from Oakdale High. “This is a REALLY big deal,” says Lisa Bruck, who co-directs the ESSL with Jeff Grills. Asked what the students will name their asteroids, Ms. Bruck said she doesn’t know yet.…

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