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Big Snow Storm Excites Snowboarders Eager to Shred

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by Pat Sichette


It’s shredding season!!! All year many students wait around for this time when it gets cold and the ski resorts start blowing their snow. It’s an exciting season as many kids have been awaiting with season passes to these locations already bought for months.

Our own high school has an outdoor adventure club which is made up of mostly the snowboarders and skiers in the school. Being a member of this club gets you $40 off your very expensive season pass. “I always dread asking my parents to buy my pass because it’s so expensive, but when I told her about the discount she was pretty happy” Sophomore snowboarder Noah Sadler exclaimed.

There are three mountain resorts in our area that we all travel to: Roundtop, Whitetail, and Liberty. Liberty favored by many in our school and also my favorite is a popular resort. Many students make the 30-40 minute travel every weekend and sometimes even after school! “It’s fun when we can just plan in school and then everyone heads up after and shreds.” Senior snowboarder Luke Tharpe explained. The resorts opened later than usual this year as we have lacked snow unlike past years. But as long as it stays cold the mountains will continue to blow fake snow and shredders will continue to flock towards the mountains.

But as of a couple days ago the weather is broadcasting a big snowstorm heading our way! “I heard were supposed to get up to 12 inches!” Senior skier Emma Jozwiak said. To some people this is bad news and to batten down the hatches and prepare for emergencies, but for us snowboarders and skiers we are breaking out our gear and preparing for some great gnar!

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