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How to Shovel Snow – Consider the Health Risks and Most Efficient Snow Removal Plan

If you do not have a snow blower, Frederick County Government urges residents to consider the following linked rules on shoveling snow. The amount of snow in this storm makes following these rules even more important. Please be careful and drink plenty of water when you shovel snow this weekend!  

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Blizzard: Walkersville To Tow Vehicles

The Town of Walkersville posted signs along streets and notes on the windshields of cars parked on streets today. They warn that cars will be towed to allow for snow plows to clear the Town’s streets from curb to curb. Residents are required to move vehicle(s) off the street until the Town crew has completed its snow plowing. Vehicles parked on the streets will be towed. In addition to the parking restrictions, residents are reminded of the laws regarding snow removal. Shoveling or blowing snow into the street is prohibited. …

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