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Walkersville Track and Field on The Road Toward Success

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Walkersville High School’s Track and Field Team has been successful, even while pushing through new changes.

This 2019 season, the track team has been through a bunch of changes. First of all, the team has gained a whole new set of coaches. On any sports team, it is difficult getting new coaches, because the athletes have to adjust to their workouts, as well as their personality. The Track and Field team has had different coaches every season for over four years in a row.

“There is Coach Coblentz, Coach Cassels, Coach Vicky, and Coach Megan. On the boys team there is Coach Hombach, Coach Welty, Coach Jesse, and Coach Leishman,” juniors Chelsea Long and Megan Bertolette explained. “Coach Castles is such a sweetheart,” Long admitted. “Each coach has something new to bring to the table and it’s kind of hard adjusting to the different workouts, and to see something in old coaches that I miss and really like. But they all have their ups and downs.” “Yeah, [there is good chemistry with the coaches],” freshman Riley Russell commented.

This leads to another change, the boys and girls track teams have been split. As a result, they have different workouts, schedules, team tents, and more. This has brought a change in the team’s chemistry.

Another change is the number of new members to the team. Having new team members leads to more training workouts, but promises success in the years to come. It takes time for new athletes to adjust to the team, and learn the technique of various events. “A lot of younger guys came out and performed above our expectations. We did a lot better than we did last year… and a lot of personal records’s all around,” junior Ethan Coleman remarked.

A final change within the team has been an increase in injuries. The long distance girls team is a fraction of its size from last year, with only three girls running. Bertolette is one of them, but has been unable to run for half the season due to overuse. “I can’t really give an accurate estimation [of how the season has been] because I haven’t been running. I am not where I want to be, but it’s better than not running,” she admitted. But with new incoming members, the numbers have seemed of balance out.

Overall, the entire team has chosen to let these changes make them stronger, and not fight it. As a result, the team has been successful, and more importantly had fun. “It has some ups and downs. We had some hard times but we pushed through, and at the end of the day we’ve had a lot of strong performances and people improving,” Coach Coblentz commented.

“I feel like we are really close as a team. Our home meet was pretty cool, because we got first place. We gave a pretty good team,” sophomore Lucas Magers stated.

The entire team has worked together, and is looking forward to the regionals and states meets. As the season is wrapping up, the team is proud of their perseverance.

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