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Unified Track Celebrates Second Place Victory

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Congratulations on the Unified Track and Field team on winning second place in the State Championships!

After long hard running, jumping throwing, cheering, and winning, the team was awarded second place.

Though some might find it disappointing, Athlete Madison Shively said she had “so much fun!. There were so many cheers and a loud applause for the team, the smiles on the athletes face’s sure made everyone’s day. It all began with the well wishes from when we first left and some classes came out and cheered for the team as they left. It was a very emotionally moment for both the students and athletes. After we got off the bus we went over to the bleachers to prepare our seats and gear. We then began to jog, stretch, and prepare for what is coming ahead. We begin by starting our field events, the long jump, the javelin, and the shot put.”

Ben Armogida is an expert Javelin thrower and said he had a “great time” after he had a great throw! Then began the field events with the longer distance runs and eventually leading to the sprints where multiple of our runners won 1st in their heat! It was an incredible sight to see when our athletes crossed the finish line.

I spoke to Joseph Picklo who said “I would like to play a unified sport, it would probably be tennis, but unified sports look really fun!”

As the meet came closer to the end the most exciting part began, relays! For those that don’t know, a relay is an event where there’s a team of 4 athletes competing against others as each one of them runs part of the lap, handing off their baton as they go. It was here where our team really shined, working together to win the race!

Finally the meet was over and as the sun faded away, the team glistened in silver as they received their medals. The day was fun! Races were run and friends were made, and i’m sure that the next year will be just as good and possibly even better. For more check back into WHS Lion’s Pride!

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