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ENHS Reads to Second Grade Elementary Schoolers

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The English National Honors Society is very motivated to be involved in the Walkersville community. From decorating the school, to holding car washes, the group is making a difference. Tuesday May 21st was no different, when they visited Walkersville Elementary and read books to second graders.

English teachers John Van Bloem and Rebekah May are the teachers leading the Honors Society, and helped plan for the eleven students to go the Elementary School. “It was great having two schools come together. I definitely want to do it annually,” commented Van Bloem

The high schoolers read to Emily Hood’s, and Heather Green’s second grade classes. In total, that is more than 50 students!

ENHS members read some favorite books such as Corduroy, the How Do Dinosaurs series, and Who is Walt Disney. These second graders are at various reading levels from picture books to short chapter books. “My favorite book is definitely Cinder Edna… I’ve got the voices down and everything,” Van Bloem admitted.

“I read Killer Dinosaurs, and they started off hesitant but with every new dinosaur they’d inch closer and closer. With every new dinosaur I’d stand up and show them in comparison to my height how big they were,” junior Hally O’Keefe explained.

“I think it was a lot of fun and it helped the kids connect with the high schoolers and improve their reading skills,” junior Eleanor McMahon remarked.

Overall, the second graders loved having the high schoolers give them individual attention. Being able to get out of the classroom gave the students a clear mind, helping them better focus.

This ENHS event was a major success, and the schools are hoping to keep it going annually. With summer coming up, there are all kinds of books to catch up on!

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