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Walkersville Approves Rock Creek School

After many months of hearings and workshops, the Town of Walkersville Planning Commission approved plans to build a new Rock Creek School on the Walkersville Middle School Property on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

The plans drew criticism immediately following the Board of Education’s selection of Walkersville as the site to build a new Rock Creek School. Criticisms focused on traffic, storm water management, and loss of recreation space for Walkersville Middle School.

As plans went through many iterations, criticisms grew to include design plans for retaining walls, concrete drainage, and loss of trees. Every few months, engineers and staff for Frederick County Public Schools presented updated plans to address concerns raised by residents and the Planning Commission members.

With a county approved storm water management plan in hand, the school system returned with their latest plans on May 28, 2019. The Planning Commission’s concerns on Tuesday focused on a narrative describing the storm water management plans for the site. Specifically, the school system’s document noted that issues with water coming onto the property are due to the inadequacies of the Town of Walkersville’s infrastructure. David Ennis, Planning Commission Member, asked that the wording be changed in the narrative.

With that change and suggestions from the Town’s engineer agreed upon, the Planning Commission voted 6-1 to approve the plans; Michael Kuster (publisher of and Planning Commission member) cast the sole vote against approving the plans for Rock Creek School.

Construction on the new Rock Creek School is planned to begin in October. A new entrance and parent drop-off loop for Walkersville Middle School is planned for construction in Summer of 2020.

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