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Walkersville Library Opens to Rave Reviews From the Community

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March 10th marks the beginning of a new era for the Walkersville community. The new Walkersville public library branch has officially opened, located at 2 South Glade Road, across from Creamery Park, and in the heart of Walkersville. The old Walkersville library, located at 57 West Frederick Street, which closed on February 19th, is now a part of the past.

It opened at 10 am Saturday morning, starting with a grand opening ceremony where several members of the community stood around and watched in anticipation. Following the official grand opening came many activities and shows for community members to participate in. At one point during the day, there was even an owl being shown! Kids gathered around amazed.

“I am very proud and excited that my administration has made the dream of the new Walkersville branch library a reality. Libraries play an important role in lifelong learning, and in creating a vibrant, thriving community,” said Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner, who spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the library’s official opening. “Thanks to everyone at FCPL, the Friends of the Library and others for your hard work and support. It’s been a community endeavor. Today is truly an exciting day in Walkersville.”

The new building offers an expanded collection, meeting rooms, computers, and more to better meet the needs of the community.

“The new library is a true reflection of its community and I’m confident the people of Walkersville share in my excitement of this library’s future,” said James Kelly, interim director of Frederick
County Public Libraries, during the opening event.

The library also features a dairy-themed early literacy play and learning space. Designed to excite children and instill a love for reading, the dedicated space includes fun, interactive, and educational elements. The space would not have been possible without the support of many generous donors and funders, including the Walkersville High School Alumni Association, Glade
Valley Lions Club, Children’s Center of Walkersville, United Way of Frederick County and Friends of Frederick County Public Libraries.

The library includes many different sections catering to all of its visitors. There is a section for TV shows/movies, non fiction articles, and a section called “The Loft” with a seating area and a few bookshelves full of young adult novels. There are private study rooms as well, but the most interesting part of the library has to be the kids section. Called the “Discovery Center,” the large room includes shelves upon shelves of children’s literature, large toy structures, and tables for children to sit around. It was clear that the new library did well with that section, with tons of kids running around, surprised at how awesome the new Walkersville library had actually turned out.

Walkersville resident Teresa Lowman said “I think that the Walkersville library is going to be a great spot for the community to interact with one another, and help to build positive relationships. It is also a great spot to plan community events for outreach and partnership.”

Walkersville High School Media Center Specialist Cindy Doggett said “I am very excited about the new library in Walkersville. FCPL is doing a great job on reaching out to the communities they service, and offers a wide variety of materials, benefits and activities to meet the needs of everyone. I can’t wait to see the new building; the old one was cozy but too small. Libraries aren’t just about books and computer use anymore, so you don’t have to be a reader to visit your library. They sponsor speakers, hold concerts, host events for all age groups, have makerspace sections. I think this new library will be a great benefit to the community, and a place to meet, work, and have fun with your friends and neighbors.”

It is safe to say that the new Walkersville library is a hit among all members of the community, and it will continue to serve students and parents all across town.

To learn about the upcoming programs and events planned for the new Walkersville Library, visit

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