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Walkersville Christmas Tree Lighting at Creamery Park Brings the Community Together

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by Emily Yeeles for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

The annual tradition of the Christmas tree lighting in Creamery Park brings the community together. There were at least 50 people there at the event. “This is so cool! I’m so happy that I came,” verbalized Christmas tree lighting goer Miranda.
This year has been extremely festive this year. More amenities have been integrated like more bonfires “I didn’t know they were going to have this many bonfires this year,” Ben exclaimed.

Before the festivities were started, everyone was gathered around the gazebo.

Everyone who made the event possible was thanked from town council to the churches who sang carols.

The people who set up the gazebo went all out this year with decorations and food.

There were lines leading out the gazebo at least twenty feet to get hot chocolate and cookies, which were delicious.

Many churches contributed in caroling this year. “I love the Christmas carolers this year. My favorite song was Silent Night, I didn’t know you could use bells to play that song,” said Sydney.
There were photographers all around the area taking photos of the festivities. They keep photos of every year. These photos show how the community has grown over the years and how the event has developed.

The Christmas tree lighting countdown has the energy like the New Year’s countdown. Waiting for the countdown from 10-1 was the best part of the evening. Everyone was huddled together happily waiting for the big reveal of lights shining .

After 9 o’clock and all the festivities were done, the tree still shined, keeping another memory of a Christmas tree lighting.

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