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Parkside Development Presents Final Plans

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, the Walkersville Planning Commission will review final plans from Verdant Development Group for their planned Parkside development on Biggs Ford Road. The former farm between Glade Creek and Kenneth Drive has been left fallow while the development plans were made. The barn, silo, and fencing were razed to leave only the old farm house, which the developer proposes will be updated and remain part of their new community. The development consists of twenty-four lots varying in size from about 22,000 square feet to just over 32,000…

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Parkside Developers Hope to Retain Existing Farm House

At last night’s meeting of the Walkersville Planning Commission, Mr. Tom Poss asked for permission to make a change to the proposed Parkside Development along Biggs Ford Road. The property which has been a small farm with cattle and crops will be transformed into a development of more than twenty single-family homes. The change sought, however, will retain the existing farm house and an existing shed if the house can be saved without too much trouble. The new homes on either side of the existing home will face Biggs Ford…

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