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Executive Gardner Announces Local Company Selected for Detox Center

Services to start within three months, expand after 18 months  Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner today announced that Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc., has been awarded up to $710,000 in grant funds to offer detox services in the county. Medically supervised detox services will allow individuals to safely recover from withdrawal under the supervision of medical providers. Services will be available in Emmitsburg in approximately three months, and an additional center will open in Frederick in about 18 months.  “This is great news for Frederick County residents struggling with addiction,” Executive…

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Sheriff Warns of Hostage Scam

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office handled several abduction scams this week. Several victims reported that an individual called claiming to have been in an accident with someone related to them. The scammer claimed they were illegal immigrants and did not want to go to the hospital or involve the police. The scammers then claimed they were holding the victim’s relative hostage until money was wired to the scammer. In one case the victim heard a female screaming in the background and believed it was his wife, who the scammer said…

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Saving Our Children, Saving Our Future

There is no disputing the fact that our children represent our future. Right now the children of Frederick County are at risk as our community is caught in the midst of a heroin epidemic. The current problem should have been foreseen, the signs were there. The signs were ignored however this is not about finger pointing but about looking forward and saving our future. We need to recognize this as a community health problem for which there are measures we can take to mitigate and solve the problem, but if…

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