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Maryland State Police Warn of Phone Scam

Maryland State Police are warning the public about telephone scams in which the caller claims to be an agent for Publishers Clearing House, stating that the person contacted had “won the grand prize” from Publishers Clearing House, but only after paying a $250 “fee” to cover the cost of taxes. This scam serves as a reminder that Publishers Clearing House and other sweepstakes do not require upfront fees to cover the cost of winning prizes. Visit the PCH website for further information: or call their toll free number:  800-392-4190. The Federal…

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Sheriff Warns of Hostage Scam

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office handled several abduction scams this week. Several victims reported that an individual called claiming to have been in an accident with someone related to them. The scammer claimed they were illegal immigrants and did not want to go to the hospital or involve the police. The scammers then claimed they were holding the victim’s relative hostage until money was wired to the scammer. In one case the victim heard a female screaming in the background and believed it was his wife, who the scammer said…

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