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Lions Romp 54-13 Over Brunswick In a Homecoming Extravaganza

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by Alec Parker from WHS Lions Pride Original Article

The Walkersville Lions held their homecoming game last night, against the Brunswick Railroaders, where Walkersville rocked the black jerseys. Walkersville going into the game was 5-2, and walked out 6-2 after a dominating performance scoring 54 points, with the final score was 54-13.

The first quarter was all Walkersville scoring 21 points; all three touchdowns were all rushing touchdowns. The first to score was #22 Jacob Wetzel, next was #5 Chad Gleason, and the third was #1 Ty Littleton, who was also injured on the play, and did not come back in the game.

The second quarter was a little bit slower, but just as exciting. Starting off the second quarter was Billy Gant to Jacob Wetzel for a tip toe touchdown. Then after forcing Brunswick to punt, Jacob Wetzel was handed the ball, and ran up the middle then cut left, then broke a few tackles, then made a great spin move and finally sprinted all the way for his third touchdown.

At halftime the score was 33-0 Walkersville. The third quarter started off real quick when #11 Bruce Ilanga took the second half kickoff back for a touchdown. Then Brunswick scored twice. After that Walkersville got back on track, and marched down the field, and #5 Chad Gleason scored again.

In the fourth quarter Walkersville started substituting as the game clock was running down, Walkersville made one more surge, and #44 Jaxon Harris scored his first touchdown this season. That lead to the final score where the scoreboard read 54-13 Walkersville.

Sophomore #6 Tyler Gleason said “We did really good; stepped on the pedal in the first. In the the third we let them come back in the game, but we stopped them, and got back on track and finished strong.”

Sophomore #9 Josh Polce said “ It was a great overall team effort, and we definitely showed up tonight, and everybody did well, but we could have put them away a lot faster instead of letting them score.”

Senior #32 Jarvis Cain said “Played fast in the first quarter, started to slow down in the third quarter, but stepped back, and started to push back.” That was not the only big win for Jarvis, as he also won Homecoming King.

Senior #20 Luke Tharpe said “We did really well in the first half holding onto the ball, and getting in the backfield on defense, but we need to hold onto the ball in the second half, and need to be more focused.”

Sophomore #33 Christian Policelli said “ We play hard, and with integrity, We still need to keep our eye all the ball, and not let stupid mistakes change the game in their favor. I expected us to score at least 40 points.”

Junior #54 Bryan Johnson said “Kept pounding the ball up the middle, and making big plays, but we lost the ball in the third quarter twice, which can’t happen; we need to work on execution in the second half.”

The Lions have two games left in their remaining schedule. Next week they have Frederick at home, and our last game is against long time rival Middletown away, but for now the Lions and their fans are celebrating another win.

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