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Thelma Gross Music Scholarships Awarded

The Community Foundation of Frederick County recently presented seven music scholarships totaling $4,241 from two funds to talented young musicians, in support of vocal or instrumental music instruction and training. The Frederick Arts Council Thelma Gross Music Scholarship, founded by daughter Anne-Lynn Gross in collaboration with the Frederick Arts Council, provides scholarships to students who have demonstrated talent and commitment to pursuing vocal or instrumental performance. Scholarship recipients are: Ava Hartner, Norah Jamahi, Harrison Loeffler, Ava Mason, Abigal Mongan, and Cade Suddith. The Eleanor Harper Music Scholarship Fund was founded…

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Frederick County Public Schools Address Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”

There is a Netflix series trending, based on a novel written for young adults, called 13 Reasons Why. The series revolves around a fictional 17-year-old girl who made audio tapes explaining what each person in her circle has done to hurt her before she takes her own life. The series graphically depicts the themes of bullying, rape and suicide as well as consequences of teens who are bystanders and do not take action to address such situations. Please be aware that Netflix can be accessed on any electronic device including…

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