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WMS Bopped to the Top in their Recent Performance of High School Musical

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

On March 8th and 9th, Walkersville Middle School performed their annual musical for the Walkersville community. This year Mrs. Jane Duncan and her students presented High School Musical. They have been preparing for this past weekend for several months now, and their hard work paid off.

Many people came out to support WMS theatre and enjoyed their performance of such a well known Disney channel original movie. The audience stayed engaged in the show and on the edge of their seats waiting to see the story unfold. Parents, siblings, and friends all laughed at the funny parts and smiled at the sweet moments.

The students worked collaboratively to put on the best show they could. The art club worked on sets for the show and they did an amazing job. There were so many set pieces and they looked very professional. There were lots of ensemble numbers in the show and the choreography and staging for them was appealing to the eye. They made the most of including a lot of people on a small stage, like sometimes having people on the floor in front of the stage and in the aisles or on the sides of the audience. “I enjoyed the show and I think the supporting cast did very well,” said junior Emerson Kelley who attended the middle school performance.

Students who were in the show opened up about how they think their performances went. “It was a little stressful at first, but it turned out all right,” commented eighth grader Emily Benson who was Ripper, a skater dude in the show. Other middle schoolers were not completely satisfied with how the show turned out. “I thought the sound was poor. I also thought many people had too much makeup and forgot their lines,” added Ruth Whitehouse who played a brainiac. Putting on a production requires a lot of teamwork and sometimes not everything works out as planned, but WMS was still able to pull off a show audiences could enjoy.

In recent years Walkersville Middle has put on a variety of productions. The first middle school play that current seniors at WHS would have performed in was Beauty and the Beast. In chronological order since then WMS has presented the shows The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, The Lion King, Seussical, Aladdin, and this year High School Musical. Doing theatre in Walkersville Middle has helped prepare students to do theatre in high school and provides a great opportunity for students to have fun and learn the importance of arts in school. I hope we continue to see more productions at WMS in years to come and would like to congratulate the middle schoolers on their entertaining performance of High School Musical.

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