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WHS presents The Tragedy of Macbeth

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

The epic production of tragedy and murder Macbeth recently played at Walkersville!

The play focuses on the adventure of Macbeth and his venture to greatness and royalty, but at what price?

Mystical presences taught Macbeth and his peers and a royal murder throws the nobles in a disarray.

The play featured performances from Noah Stillwell (Macbeth), Audrey McClatchie (Lady Macbeth), Liam Day (Macduff), and Jacob Hojnacke (Banquo) .

I was able to talk to Noah Stillwell, who had the honor of playing the lead role. “This was my first time,” when asked if he played a lead role before. “ I enjoyed playing Macbeth, and spending time with the cast”. Noah also told us that the most difficult thing to do when being in a play would be the “memorization.”

The play is considered to be one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

Walkersville hosted the play on Feb. 23 and 24th. This year, the Shakespeare production had more than 130 people show up both nights!

I had a conversation with , Ben Armogida who watched the play on Sunday, who said “It was fun to see my buddy on stage.” However when asked if he understood the story of the play he gave an “eh.”

I also spoke to Jackson Kuster of the Tech-Crew he told me about as his adventures being behind stage, “I stood by on stage right and I managed props and told people whether to do or not do things.”

The next theatre production is the musical “Into the Woods.” Everyone who enjoyed Macbeth should come out and see it! And a big thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our actors and actresses!

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