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Review of WHS’ Macbeth

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This past weekend on the evening of Saturday, February 23rd and the afternoon of Sunday, February 24th the WHS Shakespeare Club presented their production of Macbeth. Each year this club puts together a show based on the writings of William Shakespeare. In recent years they have performed A Winter’s Tale, Women and Death in Shakespeare, and The Taming of the Shrew.

This year the production was directed by teacher Bryan Stillman as well as senior Erin Kopit and junior Hannah Benson. They did an amazing job at interpreting the script and bringing Shakespeare’s words to life on stage. The cast and crew put in so much work on the show starting auditions and preparations back in December.

I enjoyed watching the show especially since I knew a lot of the people who were acting in it. They truly became different people on stage than who I know them as personally and they embraced their characters. It was evident that each and every actor took the time to understand what they were saying and develop their characters. Other fellow theatre members agree with my thoughts on the show. “I think the actors did a really good job at putting in a lot of emotion behind what they were saying which helped me follow along with the story more,” said senior Luci Karszen.

There were few technical cues involved in the show because it is Shakespeare, which traditionally does not include many over the top sets, props, costumes, or sound and lighting. There was red light on the backdrop of the stage behind the curtain which added to the eeriness of the show. There were some sound cues of thunder which added dramatic effect. No microphones were used in this show, but it was still very easy to hear and understand what the actors were saying, so they did a great job with projection and articulation. There were basic, all black costumes for most people, with some accessories for actors who had larger roles. The accessories were different colors depending on relationships among characters. For example, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth both wore purple. This made things more clear for the audience. “I really liked the use of different colors on everyone’s different costuming. It added to the effect of the show, even though it was such a simplistic set and costuming,” commented senior Melissa Lajoie.

“In class and in school Shakespeare is usually something from the past and boring, but seeing it be brought to life changes things. Even my sister who never heard of Macbeth before came and was super into the story and followed along. I think that is because actors, like Lady Macbeth, portrayed their roles clearly and precisely,” added junior Hally O’Keefe.

Audrey McClatchie played the role of Lady Macbeth and did a fantastic job in captivating the audience. She had a very intense scene which required her to cry when she was sleepwalking and trying to wash the “blood” off of her hands. She was guilty for ordering Macbeth to kill King Duncan, and it was very easy for audiences to understand what was going on with McClatchie really committing to her character.

Seeing Macbeth at WHS this past weekend was a real treat for anyone who attended. Shakespeare would have been proud. If you are looking for more shows to come see at WHS, be on the lookout for the upcoming production of Into the Woods during the first weekend in April.

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