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Behavior of Middle School Students at Homecoming Game Prompt New Policies

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WMSThe Administration at Walkersville High School and Walkersville Middle School shared a very important message regarding the behavior of middle school students at Varsity Football Games this morning. During the Homecoming Game this past Friday night, the school made an announcement at half-time addressing the behavior of the middle school students in attendance.

Although the behavior improved slightly after the announcement, incidents still occurred causing the WHS Administration and Law Enforcement to intervene and in some cases have students removed from the game.  Inappropriate behavior included fighting, running through crowded areas knocking small children to the ground, throwing soda and Gatorade on other students, disrespect to supervising adults and police officers, climbing on fences, littering extensively in the stands and on the grounds in front of the Spirit Shack, and loud inappropriate language and use of profanity.

In a message to Walkersville Middle School families, the administrators stated,

“We are very fortunate to live in a community filled with tradition and spirit.  We take tremendous pride in the success of all of our students and our extra-curricular groups.  It is our hope and wish that all the Walkersville Schools continue to support one another and work together in the best interest of all students.  Our Football Team is having a very successful season and we appreciate our community filling the stands.  Sportsmanship and game etiquette are important factors to the game.  We want to welcome our opponents and lead by example. This is true for all parents, students, and community members in attendance.  WHS has designated a special section for our Future Blue and Gold Crew (middle school students) to include them in school spirit.  We would like to continue to allow middle school students to sit in the Future Blue and Gold Crew section without an adult, however if behavior does not improve then this privilege may be lost for future home games.”

To address the concerns and behaviors of middle school students in attendance, two new procedures are now in place.

  1.  ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS MUST BRING THEIR SCHOOL ID to the game and present their ID when purchasing a ticket.
  2. ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS MUST BE ACCOMPLANIED BY AN ADULT to the game.  That adult must be present at the time of ticket purchase.
  3. The Parent/Accompanying Adult must complete a form prior to entering the game or at the ticket booth for accountability purposes.  (In past instances many attending middle school students did not have a parent or adult present at the game.)
  4. Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior risk removal from the game, possible disciplinary action from the administration at the school level, and loss of privileges to attend future athletic events.
  5. Children 10 and under must sit with an adult during the game.

The administration at WHS and WMS recognizes that not all of students act inappropriately and many middle school students meet behavioral expectations.  The administration warned that it would be very unfortunate to have middle school students’ ability to attend a game impacted by those who do not carry themselves in an acceptable fashion.

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