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Winter Sports at Walkersville

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Popular sports in high school are typically played outside, like lacrosse or soccer, but in the winter, almost all sports are played indoors. At Walkersville, winter sports include indoor track, basketball, unified sports and swim. The way athletes prepare for these sports differs in each one.

Indoor track is often underrated, but can be very difficult. This individual sport pushes each person to their limit and showcases specific abilities. Holly Offutt, a 2nd year thrower for the indoor team says she prepares for the season by, “I do a lot of explosive workouts, such as weightlifting and conditioning, but it’s really different for each athlete because each event is different.” Indoor track offers shotput, sprinting, long distance, pole vault and hurdles as events to train for.

At Walkersville, we have both a boys and a girls basketball team, but both teams prepare for the season in similar ways. “I’m excited for what’s to come this season. I love the coaches , the players and just the overall family atmosphere provided by all the people involved in the Girls Basketball Program. Just know we have some big plans for this year.” said Racheal Okonah, a sophomore going into her second year of high school basketball. On the boys team, they also have big things coming and lots of preparation. This winter sport may be the most popular, but the hard work that goes into it ensures only the best make the team.

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Swimming and diving at Walkersville always has a large team, but they still get along like a family. Each person has a personal goal and works individually while still supporting each other. Sophie Engle, a sophomore, says, “I’m so excited for this season. The team is great and I love getting to swim for the school and a club team. Practice can be tough, but it’s worth it.”

Winter sports can oftentimes be overlooked at Walkersville, but the way winter athletes train and play shows the determination they have to win and be the best.

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