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Town of Walkersville Seeks Permission for Campground and Shooting Range

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The Town of Walkersville applied to the Frederick County Board of Appeals for a Special Exception to the county’s zoning on its Watershed Property. For many years, The Town of Walkersville allowed horseback riding, hunting, forestry projects, and use by The Boy Scouts of America on its Watershed Property.

In 2007, Walkersville formalized arrangements with the local Boy Scouts with an agreement for the youth organization to use the property for camping and other activities. Ron Layman, a Walkersville resident and Scoutmaster, serves as the property manager and oversees all activities on the property for the Town of Walkersville.

While owned by the Town of Walkersville, the property is not within the municipality. As a result, the property is zoned by Frederick County. The 232 acre property is zoned Resource Conservation.

The Town of Walkersville seeks approval of the existing use of the site by the Boy Scouts. The existing uses include twenty-three camp sites (most have been assigned to the Boy Scouts), a pavilion area, portable restrooms, and an archery range.

Tent Campgrounds and shooting ranges are allowed by special exception on properties zoned Agricultural and Resource Conservation in Frederick County. Special Exceptions must be applied for by applicants to the Frederick County Board of Appeals, and must meet several requirements.

The application is currently scheduled to be discussed by the Frederick County Board of Appeals on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. This is a virtual meeting online. More information can be found at

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