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WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Students, from freshmen to seniors, turn out every Friday night for Walkersville High School football games. It’s a fun place to hang out after a long week, but because there are no adults in the student section, and rightly, it can get a little bit out of hand.

The seniors, being the oldest among us, lead the student section with signs, whiteboards and cheers to make noise for our players. One particular cheer was for a young child, named Cooper, who had been diagnosed with Leukemia. He was a huge fan of Senior Wide Receiver, Brett Ahalt, and wrote cards for him. The student section united to cheer ,“We love you, Cooper!” and the same message was written on the white board and displayed at the fence.

I was wondering how others perceived this year’s seniors, and what they thought about their method of leading the student section. “It was the same as every other year, I thought it was cool,” said junior Owen Smith. That seemed to be the general perception of the student body throughout the duration of the game. There were consistent cheers for first downs, flags, touchdowns, and everything in between.

Each time we scored or got close to the end zone, however, things could get a little bit violent behind the fence. We started pushing each other around, and starting a “mosh pit,” which ended up getting a few people hurt. One middle schooler, wearing a WMS football jersey, went into the student section when he wasn’t supposed to and ended up dislocating his knee.

There were differing opinions throughout the student body, when they were asked about their opinions on the mosh and the injury. “If you’re little, you shouldn’t be in there,” sophomore Albizu Palomo answered. It should be noted, though, that Palomo was not caught up in any of the pushing and shoving when it happened.

“If someone dislocated their knee, then, to some extent; they should be limiting it,” Sophomore Andrew Hamburg said.  Many students shared the same sentiment as Hamburg. Even though the younger kid should never have been in the student section to begin with, it wasn’t exactly necessary for the seniors to knock him over and hurt him, even if it was unintentional.

The seniors had a different perspective. “You should know, coming to the game, that the mosh pits are going to happen,” senior Ben Armogida said. Armogida has been participating in the games for all four years of his attendance at the school, and was a strong presence at the referenced game. “Pull up.” Armogida said, when asked if there was anything he wanted to say about tomorrow night’s home game against Seneca Valley.

“I believe that the mosh pit is original and unique, and gives them an opportunity to express their feelings about the game. People love the energy that it gives off,” Senior Kyle O’Connor answered. O’Connor’s reflects a more school-spirit centered view towards the games. “The game this Friday is going to be crazy. Everybody better come out and be ready to cheer. Seneca Valley is going to need some good luck.” O’Connor said.

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