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Teacher Twin Day

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Ananiah Byrd Landy

Thursday October 11, Walkersville will be had Teachers Twin Day where you can dress up as your favorite teacher, or match with other students to dress like a teacher we even have teachers matching with each other today.

My job was to cover Teacher Twin Day, but that’s not the only thing going on this week. We have Spirit week going on here at Walkersville which gives the students here the opportunity to dress up, have fun, show what they love and who they like to be.

Students here really surprised us with there outfits of teachers impressions, from fake beards, to walking like them, to even wearing the same outfit there teacher wear everyday.

Tenth grade student here at Walkersville High school Sage Baltimore said ¨ I would be Mr. boothe because i like his style and the way he teaches is unique and different from the math teachers i’ve had in the past¨

Tenth grade student here at Walkersville High school Kenyen Chum said, ¨ I would do Mr. Daly because he’s a cool teacher, not mean or anything, keeps it simple and fun¨

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