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Homecoming Dance a Great Success

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Homecoming is a part of the school year that most students look forward to. The excitement starts to build at the beginning of the spirit week, with every day being a different spirit day, all leading up to the pep rally and homecoming game on Friday and finishing the week off with the homecoming dance on Saturday evening. Here at Walkersville, homecoming is special because it’s a large celebration of the school and brings unity and representation of everyone. It’s not only for the students but for the Walkersville community as a whole.

One student who had something to say about homecoming is Senior Christina Corchado, “My favorite part about homecoming is dinner,” she said jokingly “I usually like the decorations that go with the theme.” This year’s theme is ‘Neon Nights’ so some are excited to see how that turns out.

Senior Emily Pezenosky looks forward to homecoming every year but she also says “I hate having my feet stepped on when we dance. It’s like you’re trying to have fun but you’re in pain at the same time”. Although small, this is an issue that may only become more evident as the school population becomes larger and larger.

Freshman Jaden Bryan said “I was expecting more decorations and stuff but I still had fun”. She also agrees that homecoming lived up to her expectations.

Going to dinner, pictures, and the dance is fun when you do it with the right people. Freshman Amaya Hoes says “It was fun to hang out with my friends at the dance”. She enjoyed herself and cannot wait to go next year.

One student that did not attend the homecoming dance was junior Bryson Witcher. He says “I kind of wish I went just to have a little fun with everyone”. Although he did not get to experience the dance firsthand, hearing all the good things that everyone had to say made him feel like he was actually there.

Homecoming is the time of the year that a lot of kids look forward to but here at Walkersville, homecoming is just a little bit more special.

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