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Lyons Den Pictures Open House

Lyons Den Pictures recently opened a studio on West Pennsylvania Avenue in Old Town Walkersville. As part of Walkersville Days celebration, they will  hold an Open House at their new Photography Studio, and welcome the public to see what they have to offer. Stephanie Lyons, owner of the studio, promises great deals on packages and sessions. The prices will be announced tonight for only Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Lyons Den Pictures Studio‘s Open House / Grand Opening will begin at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 16, 2015. The studio is located at…

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Lyons Den Pictures Opening

Local photographer, Stephanie Lyons, will soon be opening a studio on West Pennsylvania Avenue in Walkersville. With a lifelong passion and ten years experience in photography, Mrs. Lyons started her photography business, Lyons Den Pictures. “I have had a passion for photography most of my adult life; from the picture of the smallest butterfly on a flower to the beautiful smile on my children’s face. This led me to start my own photography business,” explained Stephanie Lyons. The business will now open a physical studio at 21 West Pennsylvania Avenue, which…

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