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stephanielyonsLocal photographer, Stephanie Lyons, will soon be opening a studio on West Pennsylvania Avenue in Walkersville. With a lifelong passion and ten years experience in photography, Mrs. Lyons started her photography business, Lyons Den Pictures.

“I have had a passion for photography most of my adult life; from the picture of the smallest butterfly on a flower to the beautiful smile on my children’s face. This led me to start my own photography business,” explained Stephanie Lyons.

The business will now open a physical studio at 21 West Pennsylvania Avenue, which most recently housed P.U.R.E. Love.

Lyons Den Pictures is a general photography business. They provide photography services ranging from newborn pictures to weddings and everything in between. The new photography studio will be open for walk-in sessions and appointments. Their hours will be limited at first, but will make appointments seven days a week.

Stephanie Lyons owns the business and is the photographer. Her husband, John, runs most of the behind the scenes stuff. They work with other photographers for bigger jobs.

After working in health care, Stephanie choose to work as a stay-at-home mom and focus on photography. On starting her business, she explained, “I have the loving support of my family and husband. They say you will never work another day if you do what you love. So, I am now doing what I love.”

Stephanie moved from the small town of Hurt, Virginia to Walkersville where she met John Lyons at the Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Company. She and John are both members of the company. John is a lifelong Glade Valley resident. After marrying during Snow-maggedon, they settled just down the street from their new photography studio. The Lyons have four children and look forward to working so close to home.

Lyons Den Pictures will be moving into its new location around mid-April. They will have an open house / grand opening during Walkersville Day on May 16, 2015. If you’d like to make an appointment before then, Lyons Den Pictures can be found online at, e-mail at, or call 240-745-5249. They can also be found on social media sites: Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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