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Homecoming is just right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about where would be the perfect place to capture this life long memory.

There are so many places around the Walkersville and Frederick area to take beautiful pictures for this special occasion.

If you don’t want to have to drive anywhere to get those amazing photos you can do them right at your house! Some photo ideas you could do at your house is if you have a nice tree or flowers by your house, you can use those as a backdrop. Another popular pose people do is standing on their front porch or stairs.

If you don’t mind a short drive some places that are under 10 minutes away from the school include: Heritage Farm Park, Fountain Rock Park/ Walkersville Park, Ceresville Mansion, Wormans Mill gazebos, Mill Island Bridge, center of Dearbought, and Rose Hill Manor.

If you don’t mind a bit longer of a drive here are some places that are a little over 10 minutes away: Baker Park, Carroll Creek, Downtown Frederick, and Cunningham Falls Park.

Junior Mikayla Collins said her favorite place to take pictures for homecoming is “downtown.”

Senior Tessa Cesario said her favorite pose for these photos is “the classic prom pose”

Senior Jordin Miller offered up some advice she had learned along the way for the amateur photographer to make sure your homecoming photos turn out the best that they can, “Make sure the area you are taking photos is well lit.”

No matter where you take photos at just keep these things in mind and the photos will turn out great! 1.) Make sure the area is well lit 2.) Make sure you have a good background 3.) Make it fun!

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