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Kirby Delauter Raising Funds for County Executive Run

Glade Valley’s County Council Representative, Kirby Delauter makes no bonesĀ his disdain for County Executive Jan Gardner. He has stated before that he plans to run for County Executive, but pen has now been put to paper. His supporters are rallying others to join the cause. They are sharing a letter Mr. Delauter wrote invitingĀ supporters to a campaign kick-off event and gun raffle, and to share the invitation with “any friend you feel would be interested.” Mr. Delauter served as a member of the Board of County Commissioners before Frederick County…

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Editorial Talking Maryland Politics 

Otis Strives To Serve Constituents

George Wenschhof The time went by quickly recently when I sat down with Frederick County council president Bud Otis (R).  In fact, I ran over by fifteen minutes the hour he had set aside for my interview. We spoke about a lot of issues ranging

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The unbelievable musings of one Billy Shreve.

Howdy Yokels! Some good news! We have just discovered that we have our very own version of the satire newspaper, The Onion, right here in Frederick County. It’s operating under the name of the Emmittsburg News Journal.  What’s that, you say? That’s a real newspaper? Well how can that be, after they printed this nonsense […]

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Sale of Citizens/Montevue Highlights Frederick County Political Feud

George Wenschhof The election of Jan Gardner(D) as the first county executive of Frederick County, Maryland has perpetuated the decades long battle between two factions who primarily differ on how best to manage growth. Gardner’s actions to date have been a reversal of actions taken

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Jury Still Out on Frederick County Charter

George Wenschhof Not much has changed in Frederick County, Maryland politics since the much ballyhooed vote to implement charter government took place in the 2014 election. The back and forth positions on growth that have dominated county politics for decades continues with the election of

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