Freedumb from awareness. Freedumb from responsibility.

There is a growing movement amongst the “F All Y’all and Yer Feelings You Rode In On” crowd to reject the wearing of masks in public because it is “the mark of compliance.” As free and sovereign citizens they are now deciding in lieu of taking into account the health and wellbeing of others through […]

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Editorial Glade Valley 

Fitzwater Defends Firefighters Arbitration & Negotiation Bill

This month I introduced a Council bill in support of our firefighters that I have been working on since the summer of 2019. I convened a stakeholder work group, including Stephen Jones, president of the career firefighter’s union, to provide input into the bill. This bill is the result of the Charter amendment passed in November 2018, commonly referred to as ballot Question D. That amendment requires the Council to pass an ordinance that allows our career firefighters union to negotiate working conditions and provides a process for binding arbitration…

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Frederick County Council Urged to Amend Animal Ordinances

Each day, an average of 11 animals are admitted to Frederick County Animal Control. That added up to a total of 3,955 in fiscal year (FY) 2018, 58% of which were cats, 26% dogs, and 16% other types of animals. Most dogs and cats that arrive at the shelter are owner or guardian surrenders and strays. For these animals entering the shelter, there are six possible outcomes.  They may be dead-on-arrival, die while there from illness or injuries, or be euthanized.  Other animals have a more positive outcome of adoption,…

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Editorial Elections Glade Valley 

Question D: Binding Arbitration Not Good for Frederick County

This year county voters will face Question “D” on the ballot, a proposed charter amendment that “will require the County Council to provide by ordinance for binding arbitration by a neutral arbitrator whose decision MUST be funded by the county budget”. Most voters don’t fully understand the impact of this charter amendment and will simply vote yes, because of the misleading way this question has been packaged and sold to the public by the career firefighters union. This has been falsely marketed in a way that makes the public believe…

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