Frederick Local Yokel about to turn 1: a tantrum worthy of a toddler is brewing!

It is unbelievable to your Yokel gals the lengths to which some of these people will go to in defending Blaine Young. A look at the paper today reveals an LTE, short and sweet. It’s so short it would have fit in one little block quote. Some lady admonishing the FNP for being mean. Can we just […]

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Editorial Talking Maryland Politics 

Racheff Ready to Undertake Frederick County Comprehensive Plan Update

George Wenschhof First time elected Frederick County executive Jan Gardner (D) after spending her first year in office undoing many of the legislative actions undertaken by the previous board of county commissioners led by Blaine Young (R), has now turned her attention to an update

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Sale of Citizens/Montevue Highlights Frederick County Political Feud

George Wenschhof The election of Jan Gardner(D) as the first county executive of Frederick County, Maryland has perpetuated the decades long battle between two factions who primarily differ on how best to manage growth. Gardner’s actions to date have been a reversal of actions taken

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