Road Widths in Walkersville

The Town of Walkersville’s Planning Commission asked the Burgess and Town Commissioners for their permission to explore modifying the Town’s Design Manual. Specifically, they would like to allow for more narrow streets and change cul-de-sac length requirments within neighborhoods. The issue continues to rise during site plan reviews when developers have to meet Maryland storm run-off requirements due to the amount of pavement the Town of Walkersville requirements. Last week, developers of the Bell Farm on Fountain Rock Road presented their updated plans during a public workshop. The Planning Commission…

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Sinkholes and Fences Dominate Town Hall Meeting

The Town of Walkersville’s Burgess and Town Commissioners met Wednesday evening to discuss fences and sinkholes. Both have been discussed a lot lately at town hall this year. The fencing ordinance came after one property owner built a fence that had been approved by town staff and later had to be moved.  The resulting confrontation led Town Commissioners to direct the town’s Planning Commission to recommend changes.  The Planning Commission not only updated the existing ordinance, but wrote an entire new section to the town’s code to address fences.  Fencing…

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Town of Walkersvillle Burgess & Commissioners Meeting

The Burgess and Town Commissioners of Walkersville will meet on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Walkersville Town Hall’s meeting room.  A brief agenda includes two items. The Burgess and Commissioners will discuss revisions to Chapter 62 of Walkersville Town Code concerning sinkholes.  There has been a lot of concern about sinkholes and how they are to be handled.  Many sinkholes opened around town following a very wet winter and spring. The Boy Scouts will present a project proposal for the Heritage Manor House at Heritage Farm…

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