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Robert “Bob” Yoder for Walkersville Town Commissioner

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 1.  Tell our readers about yourself (family, education, employment, community involvement, etc.):
I am married to my very loving wife Cindy, and have two adult children and one granddaughter.  I am a retired IT Network Manager who was responsible for a large staff of engineers reporting directly to me. My experience included managing multi-million dollar budgets and negotiating large scale national contracts for a major corporation. I created, built and managed nation-wide network infrastructures. This included designing new network architectures and creating plans for implementation, along with participating in the actual installation. Additionally, I taught and trained engineers in this discipline.  I participated in public speaking engagements, as the main presenter, to train hundreds of other engineers and managers about network infrastructures. I served as Chairman and Treasurer of a large credit union with assets exceeding 130 million dollars. In addition, I served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a large nonprofit organization.
 2.  What prompted you to file as a candidate for the Town of Walkersville government?
I decided to file as a candidate for one of the Town Commissioner positions because I believe I can use my extensive business background and problem-solving abilities to add value, with a “common sense” approach, to this committee. I am a fiscal conservative, and believe in being a good steward of tax payers money. 
 3. and 4. What is your main priority if elected? What are the most important issues facing the Town of Walkersville, and how will you address those issues?
My main priority will be to address the issues of concern that I learned while speaking to many of our residents as follows:   

  • Neighborhood traffic safety caused by speeding, congestion, and long delays during rush hour.
  • As the town continues to grow, developers must be required to provide the necessary infrastructure to accommodate increased traffic, by widening roads and provide sidewalks.
  • Commercial areas and facilities that are abandoned or improperly maintained causing them to become eyesores to the community.
  • We need to ensure the collection of appropriate fees to maintain infrastructure services and beautification of our town.
  • The lack of a business friendly environment to encourage and increase new small businesses and services.
 5. How long have you lived in Walkersville?
I have lived in Walkersville for over 30 years.
 6. How can Walkersville’s Government support business development within Walkersville?
The Walkersville government can support small businesses by making sure the permit  process is handled in the most efficient and expedient way. Possibly look for short-term tax incentives to attract small businesses to the Town of Walkersville. 
7. What are your plans to inform more residents of issues and events in Walkersville?
More residents can be informed of issues and events by updating the Town of Walkersville Web page using a section for flash news.  The Comcast Town channel can also be used to report flash news events.  Other means of communication should be explored, for example, possibly using a text messaging and e-mail system similar to what Frederick County Public Schools use for emergency notifications.
8. What are your thoughts on growth in Walkersville?
It seems to me Walkersville has been growing quite rapidly in the past several years which is causing increased traffic, long delays during rush hour and congestion issues for the community.   Speeding in our neighborhoods is also a major concern for the safety of our community.
9. The following topics will likely come before those elected in September. Please give your thoughts on these topics:
a. Proposed Revision to the Monocacy River Management Plan:
I have reviewed this Plan and I do not have any concerns at this time.
b. Rock Creek School Relocation to Walkersville Middle School property:
I do support the Walkersville Planning and Zoning Commissions viewpoint and its concerns.
c. Solar Farm on Biggs Ford Road:
I have concerns with converting agricultural land over to these types of businesses.  I agree with the Maryland Public Service Commission on its inconsistency with the county’s comprehensive plan and the county’s opposition to the project.
d. Water Rates to pay for the new Water Treatment Plant:
I understand the need for the new water rates considering the plant was 40 years old.
GladeValley.net has asked every candidate for office in the Town of Walkersville’s September 10, 2018 Election the same set of questions. All responses will be shared along with any links to their campaign sites and/or social media provided.
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