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New Era for Boys Lacrosse

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The boys lacrosse team is moving into a new direction in the form of all new coaching. A new head coach was announced last season and with the new head coach came a new culture, something that the lacrosse program has never seen before. Along with this new coaching came a new hope, the hope that the lacrosse program would be turned around.

Even though winning has not necessarily come from this new coaching a new mentality, drive, and fire has come from the team. One of Coach Clark’s goals for the next season he said was, “I want the team to have five hundred winning percentage.” If you do not know what a five hundred winning percentage is, it is when your wins and losses are even. Which in fairness is a pretty achievable goal for a team of this caliber. With most of the defense returning from last year and a revamped offense with a new mindset there are high hopes for the team.

When asked about the loss of so many seniors and all of the captains from last year Coach Clark was not worried. He said, “Every year is a rebuilding year, each year is also different, and all the players are evaluated differently. No one team is the same year to year.” In shor,t it is next man up for a growing program that is currently going through a rebirth.

Along with this coaching comes new and fresh faces as leaders of this team, one of those fresh faces is junior Luke Harned. Luke is a three year varsity player and this is his first year as captain. He was a freshmen when there was coaching other than Coach Clark. He said that, “Since Coach Clark has been a coach here, the team has become closer, the skills have improved along with more commitment to ourselves and the community.”

Coach Clark has helped to shape a new environment here at Walkersville but, he believes that it is not all because of him. “The assistant coaches, the seniors from last year, and the parents helped make this change possible. It was a collective effort from all of them and with the captains now who continue to lead.”

One person can help bring change but, it is up to the community to believe and carry out that change.

Featured photo was taken by Mrs. Becky Rice a WHS Boys Lacrosse photographer

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