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Local Man Publishes Books About Growing Up in Glade Valley and Beyond

Tim Christopher’s parents moved their family from Brooklyn, New York to Glade Valley Farms in 1943, when he was just two years old. Seventy-five years later, he lives a short distance from that farm in Frederick, and self-published his story in 2018.

I met Mr. Christopher when he appeared on my front porch in Walkersville. He sells his story door-to-door. We immediately hit it off as we are both Terps! As we talked, I learned about his love for Glade Valley and all of his memories in this book, Growing Up In Rural America.

The story follows he and his family’s adventures as the immigrate from Norway in 1910 to his military career and into retirement. “My sisters encouraged me to write this story for years,” Mr. Christopher explains.

A boy drops out of high school in September of his senior year to support his mother and two younger sisters when his dad becomes terminally ill. He returns to school the following fall. When his father dies at the age of forty-two, he and his older brother devise a plan to sustain the family until their sisters graduate from high school. While the family has no money and his grades impacted by his responsibilities, college seemed out of reach. Despite it all, learn how he becomes a officer in the Air Force, a college graduate, and earns his masters degree.

Mr. Christopher’s biography, Growing Up in Rural America, may be purchased for $15 directly from the author. To place an order, call 301-631-9229 or e-mail timsart99@yahoo.com.

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