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Busy November Planning Commission Agenda

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The Town of Walkersville’s Planning Commission will hold its November Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at Walkersville’s Town Hall and is open to the public. Public Comment is allowed on items on the Commission’s Agenda.

Agenda Items Include:

Vicky‚Äôs Hairbraiding Salon seeks permission to open a salon at 15 Main Street, currently zoned Old Town Mixed Use. This building was T.R. Saylor hardware store. Earlier this year, the J’s Bargain Appliances relocated to the larger portion of this building. Vicky’s Hairbraiding Salon will consists of four styling chairs and a reception desk, according to plans submitted for approval. The owners state that parking for the three employees will be in the rear of the building, and patrons will park on the street.

Frederick County Public Schools has submitted a site plan for a temporary construction trailer to be placed on the back field of Walkersville Middle School’s property. The trailer would be on site for the construction of the new Rock Creek School. The site plan also includes an access driveway, storage, and parking for construction of the new school. The proposed access road will enter by the old Library and run along the property line with homes in Glade Village. That road will terminate at a parking and storage area approximately where the baseball fields are currently located at the middle school. FCPS proposed placing the construction trailer closer to Maryland Avenue on or near the current track.

Walkers Village Center submitted a request for a text amendment to Town Code for monument signs at shopping centers located along a state highway. Current Town Code restricts the sign to 100 square feet, and 25 feet tall. The owners of the shopping center cite the set-back of their sign required by the state’s highway administration; the State of Maryland has reserved a large portion of land along MD 194 for the widening of that road. As such, their contractors suggest a larger and taller sign that would be visible to drivers along Woodsboro Pike.

Walkers Village Center proposed the following text amendment:

If located along a Maryland State Commercial Highway sign area may be increased one square foot for each 267 square feet of gross floor area over 73,500. In no case shall a Shopping Center Sign exceed 275 square feet in area per face and 33 feet in overall height.

Strickler Sign Company on behalf of Walkers Village Center

If the wording proposed by the shopping center were adopted, the Walkers Village Shopping Center, which has a floor area of 73,575 square feet, would be allowed a sign measuring 275 square feet on each side. The sign could be 33 feet tall, which is eight feet taller than the current sign.

Town Staff and Burgess Chad Weddle are seeking input on Ordinance 2019-07, Planning Commission membership/composition. The ordinance began as Town Planner Susan Hauver sought the add alternates to the Planning Commission after a few meetings were cancelled due to a lack of quorum of the Planning Commission members. The Planning Commission currently consists of seven members, one of which is a Town Commissioner appointed by the Burgess. A quorum of members, four of the seven, must be present to vote on any agenda items. The proposed ordinance would reduce the number of members to five, allowing one of the members to be a Town Commissioner, and adding at least one alternate member who would vote in the absence of a member.

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