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Homecoming Walls Show School Spirit

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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Every year during homecoming week each grade is responsible for decorating a wall to show their school spirit. The wall must include a lion or something about Walkersville, something about the homecoming football game, and it must have the homecoming theme tied in.

This year for our homecoming football game we play the Tuscarora Titans on Friday night at 7pm. The homecoming dance is Saturday night from 7pm to 10pm, the theme is neon.


Freshman Madi Schnepfe says, “We came up with a few basic ideas with a lion and dance, but ended up just throwing stuff on the wall because we did not have a plan.” Although the freshmen were not well prepared they were able to make their wall incorporate a lion roaring away a titan, a creative way to show the lions beating the titans this Friday.


Last year the class of 2021 came out and showed the school their artistic abilities and won the best class wall for the 2017 homecoming. Sophomore Janey Wells says, “We just have a very artistic class.” They are hoping they can come out and win this year again. Their wall includes a lot of neon details and each number of the sophomore players on the varsity football team.

The junior class wanted to make a wall that includes all the requirements yet is still special. Junior Gabby Collins came up with the sketch for the junior wall. She says, “We wanted to make a big lion to show who we are, then a broken titan helmet because we are going to beat Tuscarora.” The big lion in the middle of the wall catches your eye and includes a saying “Neon Night.”


“We wanted it to be different so we used white paper since everyone else was using black paper,” senior Baylor Baxley says. The senior class of 2019 is hoping they can pull out a win by having a unique wall in comparison to the other grades. The seniors had all all their classmates sign their name on letters that read “Seniors 2019” and had a large lion as a DJ in the center of their wall with silhouettes of people dancing below.


The teachers will vote on their favorite wall. Stay tuned to find out which class the made the most creative and well designed all at the pep rally Friday during fourth block!


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