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Girls 2019 Soccer Game Opener

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Walkersville’s Junior Varsity Girls Soccer team opened up their season with a 7-0 shut out and showed the Frederick Cadets they are a force to be reckoned with!

The soccer team has been playing together for over a year now, and it took a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to overcome a lot of challenges they faced as a team. At the beginning of summer, the team came together and began working their hardest to prepare both mentally and physically for the 2019 fall season. “Summertime is always the worst, but it is so worth it come fall season!” Morgan Marchesani stated. The team participated in a summer Hood College league, to stay in shape as well as observe the incoming competition for the soccer season.

Before school even begun, the team practiced daily, to prepare themselves for the scrimmages they would soon have. “I am honestly so excited, I feel like this is really our season!” Tessa Hansen said. The Girls team went 4-0 during their four game tournament, which gave an extra boost of confidence before the first game. Pre game practice finally came, the team was excited and ready to go.

September 10th, the game took place at 5:30 at their home field. Kickoff began, and the team unleashed everything they have been working for. By halftime the score was 4-0 due to everybody’s hard work and willingness to work as a team. The game progressed and they finished out with a 7-0 win for their first game. The team along with coaches and parents were extremely proud of everybody’s hard work. “I can’t believe we started the season with a 7-0 win” player Lauren Anderson said after the game. The team celebrated their big win together, as they cheered on their varsity team who fought a close battle and came out on top with a 3-2 score!

We hope the teams will continue working hard, and the school will be proud regardless of a win, tie, loss, or draw.

Picture taken by Mark Hojnacke

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