Galen Clagett Seeks Democratic Nomination for County Council At Large Seat

Frederick County is a big place. As a lifelong Frederick resident, Galen understands that the various regional sectors of Frederick County like Walkersville, Glade Valley, Woodsboro, and Libertytown each have their own unique priorities, challenges, and perspectives. He wants to be sure that everyone’s voice is heard equally and that the county continues to grow in its support for the valuable areas that serve to enrich the character of Frederick.

Galen knows that each of these areas wants to be safe and walkable, with adequate infrastructure and a plan to support local businesses and encourage environmental stewardship. He knows that each of these areas has its own particular set of needs and he wants to focus on those needs in his At-large representation to the County Council. He will work closely with the local municipalities to identify specific opportunities for improvement and
commit to establishing close ties between these regions and Frederick County government.

Galen has worked tirelessly, and successfully, to reach across the aisle in the State House and reach out to county and federal partners to bring necessary funding back into Frederick for our schools, our arts community, our environment, and our public safety. Galen understands Frederick County and wants to represent the people, not just the party.

Galen main focus points include:

  • Improve K-14 public education, our school structures and capacities
  • Keep our neighborhoods safe from crime, guns and drugs
  • Balance our county budget and manage county finances
  • Encourage small business and economic opportunity
  • Provide 21st century infrastructure solutions for our roads, storm water management, and countywide bandwidth/connectivity
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  • Create programs to safeguard our environment for the future
  • Establish a multi-faceted, proactive approach to Frederick’s opioid crisis
  • Support our seniors through programs and opportunities that enrich their lives

Galen was born in Brunswick, Maryland. He decided early on to enter politics as a way of helping improve the lives of people and their communities.

He achieved the first step of his goal at the age of 36 when he was elected to the Board of Frederick County Commissioners in 1978. He won a second term four years later and served as the Board’s president for that term. In the fall of 2002, Galen won election to the Maryland House of Delegates. He was re-elected in 2006 and in 2010 and served in the state legislature for a total of 12 years before stepping down from that office in 2015.

Galen founded Clagett Enterprises, Inc., a full service real estate company located in the heart of Frederick, in 1987. The company provides commercial real estate sales, development consulting, leasing and residential sales. Clagett Enterprises’ management team also provides property management, association management and residential rentals. Now in its 31st year of operation, the company continues to thrive and has recently expanded into West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Galen lives in Frederick City. He’s been married to his wife, Elizabeth, for almost 30 years. Galen has three children and a total of 12 grandchildren. The youngest Clagett is Dempsey, the family’s beloved dog and neighborhood social butterfly.

Prior to launching Clagett Enterprises, Galen served as a teacher, guidance counselor, vice principal, principal, and track coach in the Frederick County Public School system. It is still a thrill for him to run into his former students and athletes around the County and catch up on what they’re doing.

As the Primary Elections get underway in Maryland, GladeValley.net asked all candidates who will appear on ballots in Glade Valley to send us a bio, photograph, and any statement they would like to make to voters in Glade Valley. Any candidate who responded will have their information shared on GladeValley.net leading up to the Primary Election.
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