Rich Madaleno Seeks Democratic Nomination for Maryland Governor

Statement from Rich Madaleno, Democratic Candidate for Governor

“I have had the honor of serving the people of Maryland and the people of my district in the House of Delegates and the Senate for the past sixteen years.

On the critical issues facing the people of our state we need a bold, tireless governor who can set an agenda of progress for all Marylanders. I will be that governor. From education to transportation, from economic development to economic justice, from sustainable healthcare to environmental sustainability, Larry Hogan has not served the people of Maryland. I will. I will advance the rights and address the needs of ALL Marylanders. From jobs, wages and tax fairness t o education and the environment, I am looking to ensure that our great state is ready and prepared not just for the next four years, but for the next forty years, to ensure Maryland will
be a beacon for the future.

Under my leadership Maryland will be “Open to the Future”. I will vigorously pursue opportunities for greater economic development and more family-supporting jobs, capitalizing on Western Maryland’s strengths and our state’s core competencies in technology, computers and manufacturing. We need to plan and execute a strategy to enable good broadband access and broadband connectivity to Western Maryland. Across our state we must build strong partnerships between employers and our educational institutions so that we can provide the trained, skilled workers that our businesses need. I will develop training programs with educational institutions in Western Maryland and the surrounding area so that workers have the skills companies need. I proposed and continue to fight for career and technical education programs and for tax credits for businesses that grow jobs in our state. Western Maryland, with its beauty and precious natural resources, is an excellent location for businesses as well as tourism. Wind energy, for example, is a business well-suited to Western Maryland’s natural environment and supply of wind.

We need a change in the Governor’s office. We need a governor with a vision of progress for the future of Maryland, to move our state forward. We need a governor who fights for Marylanders and for progress, who says Maryland is open to the future and ready to lead again. Maryland can be a great, diverse, prosperous, welcoming community that works together for the good of our families and our neighbors.”

Senator Rich Madaleno claims to be the Democrat best positioned to defeat Republican incumbent Larry Hogan and win the 2018 Maryland gubernatorial election. Mr. Madaleno states that he is one of the most influential leaders in Maryland politics today. Since his election in 2002, Rich has passed vital economic, education, environmental, and transportation legislation, and is recognized as the “go-to expert” on budget issues.

In 2016, he introduced and passed first-in-the-nation legislation that guarantees state funding for Planned Parenthood, even if federal funds are cut off. In 2018 Rich will prioritize:

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  • quality, affordable access to health care and prescription drugs;
  • ensuring public school funding is not diminished in favor of for-profit private schools;
  • Creating greater tax fairness through expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and a cap on the Estate Tax;
  • Expanding the free breakfast and lunch programs for eligible students; and
  • Requiring air quality monitoring for health impacts on Eastern Shore communities.

Rich currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Senate Budget & Taxation Committee.

Rich is a vocal critic of Governor Hogan¹s continued attempts to finance tax cuts by cutting critical state programs on which Maryland families depend.

Rich grew up in Silver Spring and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Syracuse University. He and his husband, Mark, live in Kensington with their two children.

As the Primary Elections get underway in Maryland, GladeValley.net asked all candidates who will appear on ballots in Glade Valley to send us a bio, photograph, and any statement they would like to make to voters in Glade Valley. Any candidate who responded will have their information shared on GladeValley.net leading up to the Primary Election.
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