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Breakfast with Santa Claus Another Wonderful Yearly Holiday Tradition at WHS

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Its that time again, the annual Walkersville Breakfast With Santa is back. This year the Walkersville band set up the cafeteria to look like the North Pole, with festive decor, live music, delicious breakfast, and even Santa Claus himself was there taking pictures with kids.

The breakfast was buttermilk pancakes, sausage links, crispy bacon, and different kinds of assorted fruits .I also had the chance to talk to Dale Hagar, who was out with his grandson. “I really enjoyed the food and the Christmas feel”.

The live orchestra played all types of Christmas songs from “Jingle Bells” to “Here Comes Santa Claus”. I also spoke with sophomore Ben Smith, who is part of the orchestra. He said that “I love playing here at this event; it’s a lot of fun”.

Once the kids were finished with their meals they were able to read stories with Mrs Claus and pick up some toys for friends and parents.

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I had the chance to speak with music teacher Alex Loy. who helped set up the event, played the piano, and is the band director. Loy said that “This event has been going on for 20 plus years, a long time before I was here. It’s a long standing tradition in Walkersville and people like to look forward to it.”.

I wondered about what the profits go to, he responded with “They help out the band get equipment and instruments, and it helps us fund trips to concerts and competitions”.

I also asked where the toys the children can get, come from, Loy stated that “The music boosters order them from a company and the ones that we don’t use get shipped back free of charge”

We hope all who went enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful time and we hope that you come again next year. Happy Holidays!

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