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Walkersville Track Team Impressive In Regional Track Meet, with Many Moving On to States

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

by Alec Parker

The first day of the Regional Track Meet was held at Century High School in Carroll County. The first event opened at 3:30 PM, which was a high and long jump. Walkersville placed very well in a few events including making nationals for Boys’ 4X200 meter relay.

The meet started off really hot, at one point it reached up to 94 degrees. In the first couple events, Walkersville placed high. Senior Emma Crouch ran a 12.48 in her 100 yard dash, which is her new personal record. Crouch also finished second fastest in the qualifying round. Crouch will run again on Saturday for the 100 meter, 200 meter dashes, and 4X100 relay.

After the Girl’s 100 meter dash, came the Boy’s 100 meter dash. In this race senior Donavon Key ran an 11.47 second time, his new personal record. Key placed second in his heat. After day one Key will race in the 4X200 meter relay at states.

“I’m really happy about how the meet went and qualifying for states was really cool, but making nationals is even better. I feel good about both 100 and 200 meter races. I could have done better on 200, but racing in the 100 on Saturday is awesome,” said Key.

At the time senior Collin Hess was in the middle of high jumping. Hess had just jumped 5’10, when a weird alarm went off. It was a thunder warning. So all players, and coaches either went in the gym or back on their buses. This delay lasted 45 minutes. While in the gym, the music broke out, and kind of felt like a second homecoming with everyone dancing and singing along. After the delay was over, everyone moved back outside and started to restart with warmups, and then move back into the competition.

Hess went back to high jump, however, 110 meter Boy’s hurdles were called to race. What was even more crazy is that Hess had to do long jump as well. Hess quickly rushed, and jumped twice at the long jump, and got 19’5. However Hess would have to go back to long jump back towards the end of the meet, and jump 19’11 and tied for third place.

After doing long jump, Hess came back to high jump, and tried at 6’0, but missed the first time so Hess quickly ran over to hurdles, so he could go with his heat. Hess placed first place in his heat, and was a top five in the qualifying round. Hess then made his way back to high jump where he made 6’0 on his second try, and then made 6’2 on his second try. However Hess could not make 6’4, and came in second place, but will be moving on to jump in states.

“I feel like I could have done much better in the high jump, and I feel really good about the long jump. 19’11 was really nice to get, and moving onto states will be fun. I still have to make states for 110 and 300 hurdles,” said senior Collin Hess.

Towards the end of the track meet, came the longer or known as distance races like the two mile where freshman Megan Bertolette came in third in her heat behind two seniors who are going to D1 schools for long distance. After the long distance races, it went back down to the 200 meter and 4X200 relays.

For Boy’s 200 meter, senior Justin Herman finished first, and Key finished third in their respective heats. For Girl’s 200 meter, Crouch finished second and junior Autumn Parson finished first in their respective heats. Onto the relays, the last two races of the first day, for the Girl’s  4X200 meter relay, Walkersville finished second in their heat with a time that was around two seconds off of going to nationals.

The Boy’s 4X200 meter relay also finished in second place, but they made nationals by a whole second with a time of 1 minute and 30.69 seconds. Both teams will be running again Saturday 5/20 for the 4X100 relay. “I am very happy with my performance in the 100m because I broke my personal record by a lot; however I still need to do good in finals. I am not extremely happy with our relays because  we did not have good hand offs and didn’t run our best race, but we still managed to place 2nd so that’s an accomplishment,” said senior Emma Crouch

After the first day of the Regional Meet, Walkersville placed high in a lot their heats, and will have a lot of team members running and jumping on Saturday. It was really fun to see a Regional up close, and see what it is like to be on the track team. I know it will be great to watch again on Saturday, and see what teams of Walkersville will move onto states.

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