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Walkersville Lions Take on Boonsboro Warriors in an Intense Volleyball Match

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The Walkersville Lions faced off against the Boonsboro Warriors on Monday, September 23rd in an intense volleyball match. Though the Warriors ended up on top, the Lions put up a tough fight, winning one out of the four sets.

The game kicked off with a rocky start in the first set, with Boonsboro coming out on top with a score of 14-25. However, the team’s enthusiasm never wavered. A three-row-deep student section and Principal Tracy Kibler in the stands provided constant encouragement for the Lions, resulting in a much closer second set that went to the Warriors with a score of 19-25.

In the third set, the Lions were finally able to secure the win over the Warriors with a score of 25-21. The most inspiring aspect of the game was the enthusiasm among the team itself. After every play, win or loss, the team exchanged high-fives and words of encouragement between themselves to make sure the team remained motivated. Unfortunately, the Warriors still secured the win, with a final score of 17-25.

Despite the loss, the Lions played very well. Seniors Portia Strausburg and Jenna Abninor both saved many plays by diving to reach the ball, and seniors Madison Lancaster and Sarah Carter finished countless plays with powerful spikes. Freshman Adyn Iseman stood out as a star player, despite being younger than the rest of her team.

Still, the challenges the team faced in the game outweighed the advantages. “I think that we lost a lot of energy and weren’t able to bring it back up to win the game,” commented Lancaster. “[The Boonsboro team] have a D1 player on their team, so I think that might have added a little bit of mental adversity to the game.”

“I think the teams were pretty even, except for [Boonsboro] having that D1 player that could slam it down every now and then,” noted Abninor. “I did not expect to win.”

Still, the team holds hope for the rest of the season. “Overall, the whole season has gone very well, and after Tuesday night’s game we now have three wins, which is very good compared to the last two years when we only won one game,” remarked Lancaster.

The 2019 Girls Volleyball season seems to be a hopeful one for the team, but they must work hard together during games to earn more wins.

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