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Walkersville Board of Appeals Meeting to Discuss Dollar General Parking and Signs for Rock Creek and Walkersville Middle Schools

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Walkersville’s Board of Appeals will meet on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in Walkersville’s Town Hall.

Dollar General will present a request for a variance allowing them to build a store at 101 Sandstone Court with eleven fewer parking spaces than required by Town Code.

Dollar General proposes one parking space per three-hundred square feet of floor area. The Town of Walkersville requires one parking space per two-hundred square feet of floor area in the B-2 Shopping Center zoning district.

The proposed store would be built on a lot at the corner of Sandstone Drive and Woodsboro Pike, across from Circle K and next to the recently approved strip-mall with a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Frederick County Public Schools will present a request for an eighty-four square foot variance of the size requirements for three new signs on its property at 55-B West Frederick Street. The requested variance allows the school system to:

  1. Replace the Walkersville Middle School Sign,
  2. Erect a sign for Rock Creek School, and
  3. Erect a sign for a Park and Recreation Center sign.

The Rock Creek School is currently under construction on the same property as Walkersville Middle School. A Park and Recreation Center facility designed for those with special needs will also be built in the new Rock Creek School.

If the Board of Appeals approves the sign size variance, the signs will still have to be approved by the Planning Commission as modifications to their site plan for the schools.

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