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Walkersville Art Show Dazzles the Public with Talented Student Pieces of All Kinds

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

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by Rachel Canzoneri for Walkersville High School Lion’s Pride

On Tuesday, December 6th, Walkersville High School hosted an art show featuring art work of all levels, and the induction ceremony of National Art Honors Society (NAHS).

The induction, which started with a preview from Shakespeare Club’s upcoming production, included twelve new inductees: Jamie Cooper, Deyaneira Cruz, Molly Draper, Ana Garay, Ishara Joseph, Kailey Johnson, Jessica Kaczor, Chanda Kaunda, Anna McClatchie, Julia O’Connell, Andrea Reichard, and Chara Roberts. The induction also included three current members: Angela Florimbio, Jade Joseph, and Haylie Petrosky.

Aside from the induction, Art Club hosted a fundraiser which included selling baked goods, clay jewelry, and shirts and sweatshirts.

“I think the art show is a good chance to show off people’s talents that often aren’t given the attention they deserve” said freshman Luke Keith. Keith added, “the arts are often pushed aside, but the art show shows we can still make amazing work regardless.”

Senior Alexis Vasquez said “I appreciate that the art students finally get the attention they deserve, although I feel the attention they’re given is often not on as grand of a scale as it should be.” Fellow senior and NAHS member added “I like that for one night, art is the focus because it rarely is.”

Freshman Lea Roberts said “I love seeing all the different art styles people use, because you can take each aspect of what you really like and apply it to your own art, and create a style of your own.” Roberts added, “all the work is just really inspiring to me.” Senior Ishara Joseph added, “I love the diversity in all the pieces the people make.”
“I really enjoy how the art show encompasses all of Walkersville’s artistic talent that can be found within a multitude of students that go here” said senior Denae Hurt. Hurt added, “I feel that the arts are incredibly important, and giving not only the students but the art itself its own day is amazing.”

Senior Jade Joseph said “I actually really like the display of the show; the panels and work on the walls make you feel like you’re in a gallery or an art museum and it’s really cool.”

Art and drama teacher Heather McFadden said “I like how the show presents an opportunity for work from every level of our art classes here to be presented to the public, especially the 3D art that students make here.”

“I love the fact that the teachers get to see all the talent of their students, because the teachers are often surprised to see how truly talented and artistic their students are” said art teacher Christine Stovall. Stovall, who was the guest speaker at the induction added, “I also really love the variety of art, as well as the excitement of the students when they receive ribbons and feel so rewarded.”

Clearly, the art show not only excited the community, but excited the art students of Walkersville, who were finally given the recognition they deserve.

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