Unified Track Team Wins Gold for the Third Year In a Row

WHS Lions Pride Original Story:

Walkersville High School has a sports team for students who have disabilities can still participate with other students. The Unified Track team made history by receiving gold medals for the third year in a row yesterday at their state championship.

Unified sports teaches students to embrace others regardless of whatever disability they may have because they are human too.

“I feel alright about the meet. Just worried we are going to get drenched on by the rain,” said junior Nina Mathews.

“If there was no rain on last night throughout the whole event the meet would of been way better than it was,” said sophomore Brianna Ingram.

There were a variety of events that took place at the competition. There is the 100, 400, and the 800 yard dash. Most athletes chose to run the 100 yard dash.

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