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Crime Scene Investigation

The Maryland State Police are continuing an “on-going burglary investigation” in Walkersville this afternoon.  Several police cars and a Crime Scene Investigation SUV remain parked outside a residence on Fulton Avenue. Sgt. Black of the Maryland State Police spoke to us briefly to describe the investigation. He did  not elaborate, but said it was on-going. The activity was catching the interest of many residents as they drove and walked around town. The Maryland State Police Crime Scene SUV pulled away as we arrived to investigate. Troopers left the scene shortly…

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Ferguson — Can Darren Wilson’s Acts Be Justified?

by Isabella Reese It’s been a little over a month since the murder of the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, the police officer who murdered him, Darren Wilson, has not been arrested. In fact, he is on paid leave, his whereabouts are unknown, and all social media accounts tied to […]

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