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Walkersville Developments Progress

Four projects in the Town of Walkersville continue at various stages of approval and development. The projects will add about 450 people (7.5%) to the population based upon housing numbers. The largest of the projects will be the development of the Bell Farm on Fountain Rock Road. The development plans for over one-hundred homes. The main entrance will be on MD 194 at the existing entrance to the Walkersville High School and Walkersville Elementary School entrance; Antietam Drive will extend into this new neighborhood. Work began late last year with…

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Community Government headline 

Progress on New Developments

New housing will be coming to Walkersville over the next few years. Plans for 167 homes have come before the Walkersville Planning Commission over the past few months. Most have received preliminary approval, and the others will be heard by the commission in the near future. The Bell Property most recently received preliminary approval for 103 homes. ┬áThe property lies between MD 194, Fountain Rock Road, Walkersville Elementary School, and another farm on Fountain Rock Road. ┬áThe developer will also include community gardens, and a walking path from Antietam Drive…

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